January 17

improve your marketing RIGHT NOW


You’re smart right?

Of course you are…you’re reading my site!

But since you’re smart, you probably know that you need to heed  wise/sage advice…right?

Let’s assume yes again…

OK so this is how you can improve ALL your marketing on your site…


I know it’s hard. I know it takes a LOT of time. I know you don’t always think you can produce gems.

But stop all that talk because I KNOW for a fact that it will change your entire business.

Here’s the important reason for working hard on content…

Show that you’re the expert!

You know there are hundreds of others selling/promoting stuff just like you do…so how do you really SHOW that you’re better? SHOW your audience with your content! You don’t have to do daily videos like Todd, Doc, and John. If you’re able to produce new original content 3-5 times a week, even if it’s a short article, you’ll be able to slowly work your way up the ‘food chain’ with your audience and they’ll turn to you on a regular basis.

Watching the markets everyday, trading, running their businesses, maintaining healthy relationships with their family…and producing quality content DAILY is VERY hard on them. But suffice it to say that their bank accounts and customers are VERY happy they’re putting in the extra effort!

I can’t give you their exact content marketing formula, but starting VERY soon their affiliate content marketing is going to hit the ground running…which means YOU can learn from the masters!

The only way you’ll see how they do it, is to join their affiliate program(free) and follow along. You’ll be able to see their funnels, share their content…. and MAKE MONEY!

Todd’s Content Marketing Affiliate Program Sign-up

John’s Content Marketing Affiliate Program Sign-up

(If you’re already an affiliate, no need to sign-up again)

OK so get to work signing up for the affiliate programs AND working on your content. Trust me here…it’ll make ALL the difference!


P.S. Are you already producing regular content? How’s it working out? Need help?




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Here’s what my network is saying…

Here’s what my network is saying…

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
  • Great point, Brad. Content sells better than any banner ad ever did. And people want to get a feel for who you are and what you write before they buy any kind of a “knowledge product” from you.

    The great part about the time commitment that comes with creating that content is that most of the time, it’s enduring and organically valuable for SEO purposes. In other words, it will keep driving traffic your way for weeks, months, or even years.

  • Very nice… I think content is the most important part of all marketing. Everyone is tired of seeing the same hype and emails of making 10,000% with a top secret indicator. There is a much more educated client base so content marketing approaches will definitely work best in my opinion of not only providing value, but also in converting to sales for solid products.

  • Good stuff as usual Brad. You cannot negate the power of content, and the more real-time the better in my opinion. Although it can seem like a pain to constantly push out fresh stuff, its always worth it. People are watching, searching, and listening…and fresh content is a great way to build a real relationship with your audience.


  • Here’s the issue with content marketing in the financial space.

    A ton of it has a low shelf life.

    Meaning if I talk about the huge rip in the yen, that won’t be relevant 2 months from now.

    So there has to be a mix between evergreen content and timely content.

    Timely works great for lists and social.

    Evergreen works great for search engines and “best-of” pages.

    Either way, if you aren’t using this traffic to build a list, you’ve got issues.

  • Hi Brad,

    Right on my man!

    Competitors are everywhere…

    And your customers have access to more information about you, your products and their options than ever before in history!

    … and access to this information is getting faster, easier and more accessible.

    How do you compete?

    By empowering your customers and prospects on how to make the best decision for their needs.

    By making them savvy buyers of your products and services.

    By reassuring them that you are the right company to trust with their business.

    And this is accomplished by providing your customers and prospects with the information, content and research they’re looking for…

    Keep up the good work, Brad.

  • Spot on!

    And as you mentioned, it doesn’t have to be daily. Here at The Disciplined Trader we’ve seen a huge impact just from doing a video once a week. It’s resulted in lower opt out rates and has strengthened the relationship with our list.

    Another benefit is getting quick feedback. When Norman asks a question in the video we get a slew of comments! i.e. 70+ comments on Week 85 of the 4-Minute Drill, http://www.thedisciplinedtrader.com/trading-discipline/two-of-the-smartest-people-say-week-85

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