January 10

I used to be a marketing stalker :)


It was a few years back when this person and I first spoke, back when I was a stalker! What drew me to him and his company first, were their emails.

Stalking evenutally pays off!

I’d study the emails indepth as soon as they’d hit my inbox.  I’d try to figure out ‘why the heck do I have to open and read every one of their emails!?’ After weeks of stalking, I decided to call the person on the phone (yeah no skype or email, an actual phone ;)), and introduced myself, and demanded that he tell me what he did different!

The first call didn’t go so well…he basically told me to kick rocks.

Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease…

But I’ve been told to ‘kick rocks’ many times (probably by you even) so I continued my pursuit. After weeks of emails and a few more calls I found out it wasn’t just me who was opening all his emails and buying his stuff! So he finally told me what I wasn’t seeing…

“Brad,  you’re a good kid. An annoying one at times, but I see you’re serious. So here’s my secret…I LEAD MY LIST.”

See he sold his own products, but also others (very successfully) through the affiliate model. And every one of his emails had a distinct ‘taste’ of leadership. He was the authority, he had the contacts, he had the knowledge, and he was always going to shoot me (list member) straight.

Are you LEADING your list?

Granted he had earned a reputation that allowed him to be the list leader, but what I’ve seen is that ANYONE can  become a list leader. It doesn’t matter if your list is 90k or 9k.

Here’s a checklist for you to review…ADD YOURS IN THE COMMENTS.

– Be authoritative. Not in the sense of ‘do what I tell you I’m a ruthless task master’. More in the ‘I’ve done my research, I know what I’m talking about.’

– Show that you’re connected! You know me, you probably know a LOT of other experts…so lean on that to build credibility and make them feel like an ‘insider.’

– Show your knowledge. They came to you for a reason, flex that ‘muscle’ to carve out your niche as smart in X area. Todd, Doc, and John ALL do that…and do it VERY well.

– Be honest with your list. Your level of knowledge, your willingness to help them, etc etc…always be honest. Leaders are truthful.

What’d I miss? Who is an email leader in your mind?

Drop me a line in the comments.



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