December 6

I did this, you should too.


Last week I professed several do’s that you should
…err…DO…this month!

So while you’re shopping online for Christmas presents
here’s what you can do between orders.

Pull your sales records, contact lists, and lead charts and
TARGET THEM! Target by sales, target by opens, target
by product, target by niche, target by location, target by
how many times you’ve talked to them and don’t want
to talk to them anymore…J

It’s a bit of a pain, and might not seem ‘worth it’ unless
you have a big list or multiple products, but TRUST ME
when I say that targeting is important.

Take me for instance…I have a huge contact list of people
in the trading niche who market for others, or might at some
point. Some only market options products, some futures,
and others who will market anything. It’d be a WASTE for
me to reach out to people on my forex list for an options
product for them to promote…right?

I don’t even have any forex products for my forex list to
promote…but that doesn’t mean I will NEVER have anything.

So target them so YOU can target them better in the future.

Second, access the strengths in your business so you can
focus on the weaknesses!

Again, I’ll be the example J…

After doing this a few months back I realized I STINK at
setting up appointments and keeping my calendar organized.
I’ve missed calls, forgot about promises, and lost business.

Well I corrected that with an AMAZING assistant, Diane J

She’s helped me fill several holes, and helped me turn the
blog into an actual blog…not just a quarterly blab fest! In
fact she’s been a big driver in my NEW SITE…coming soon!

If you’ve not talked to her to set something up with me, you
can email her at, and just watch her work!
Honestly, put her to the test…she loves spontaneity!

So take some time to do the above and report back…

Yes that’s an order!



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