November 15

How to Manage the Holiday Season (3 tips)


Short and sweet today…

What can you REALLY do about the holiday season?

Here are three things to focus on and you can start
next week…or today 😉

1. Review and revamp your product.

This is probably the hardest as the product has been
something you spend 15 of your 16 hour work day
on. But the reality is that sometimes it’s just not as
good as you think…or not as FRESH.

So put it down for a while, ask for outside help, do
whatever you need to do to ask yourself if this is
the best product for 2013.

2. Review and revamp your marketing process.

Take a hard and honest look at how you’re currently
selling and promoting your product. Does it put it in
the best light? Does it instill confidence? Does it really
show YOUR best side?

Ask and answer honestly, then take time while the
season is slow to edit and change.

3. Review your marketing partners.

Pull ALL the stats for all the people you’ve promoted
for, and who have promoted you. Create a nice geeky
spreadsheet, grab a cup of coffee, and mark out the
people/companies that are best for your business.

You also want to put down some ‘intangibles’ when
reviewing partners. Are they good for my brand even
though I don’t make much money with them? Have I
gotten a lot of complaints about a company even though
they’ve paid me a lot?

And several others…but I’m not doing this for you J

What are some other ‘holiday season’ chores you can think of?



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