November 23

How Just A Few Words Can Change Everything


Today my copywriting partner J. Daryl Thompson gets to teach you! If you don’t know Daryl,
then you don’t know one of the most sought after, highly acclaimed, and nicest copywriters in
our space! He and I have teamed up to turn the copywriting world on it’s HEAD and provide fast,
highly effective copy without breaking the bank!

Together we’ve worked with several companies on projects ranging from email autoresponders,
long AND short copy sales pages, video scripts…and a lot more.

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This article is an awesome one, that looks into the depths of testing, and the importance of words…
especially when dealing with TRADERS!!!

Please enjoy, comments are OPEN, and email me asap to discuss your copywriting needs 🙂


Hitler used them and nearly took over the world.

Cult leaders such as Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Marshall Applewhite mastered them so well, they were able to convince their followers to willingly – even eagerly- give up their lives for them.

As you can see… these things are frighteningly powerful.

And yet they are not just the tools of devious madmen, but also for highly successful marketers, salespeople, seducers, evangelists, entertainers, etc.

Bottom line… they are the tools for anyone who must connect with others… and… more importantly… make those connections pay off in some way.

In a minute, I’m going to reveal how you can potentially make a fortune with them.

What am I talking about?

Words. That’s right. Simple words.

But not just any words.

I’m talking about words formed in persuasive sentences using certain
techniques that exploit basic human nature.

Said (or written) in the right way, words can indeed change everything…
including achieving near world domination and convincing people to
happily die for you.

Now I have an admission to make.

I’m not here today to tell you how to take over the world… or develop
a cult following.

But I wanted to get your attention in a dramatic way… and demonstrate
how truly powerful simple words can be.

Hi. My name is J. Daryl Thompson. I’m the “Hired Gun” copywriter for
Financial Marketers & Publishing Group LLC.

And words are my business.

Obviously, I use them in a much more benign way than what I’ve talked about above.

I use them not to take over the world, but to sell things… in a moral, legal,
ethical, and responsible way.

But I have another admission… I’ve studied the unbelievably successful persuasion
methods of those madmen, cult leaders, and con men… along with some of the
savviest salespeople and marketers in the world.

After all… why in the world would a person leave a well-off, loving family to go off
and join a cult almost at a moment’s notice? Those persuasion techniques must be
powerful beyond belief.

I made it my mission to discover them.

In fact, I’ve had an intense passion for learning the Art of Persuasion and Influence
for as far back as I can remember.

Over the years, I’ve read dozens of books… hundreds of articles… attended countless seminars…
and have mentored under the savviest, highest-paid copywriters in the world to hone my
craft to the sharpest it can be.

And then something interesting happened…

I came across an obscure 13-page manuscript that told me everything I ever need to know about
the Laws of Persuasion and Influence.

The author has such a blazing passion for these Laws that he makes me look like a rank amateur.
In fact, he’s obsessed with the study of persuasion and influence.

And he’s done something truly amazing…

He’s boiled down the Entire Body of Persuasion and Influence Knowledge into one 27-word sentence!

That one sentence contains five of the most important insights the author has learned in all
his years of studying and applying the principles of persuasion.

They explain how Hitler used them to nearly take over the world.

They reveal how cult leaders are able to convince innocent people to desert their loving families,
join the cult, and even give up their lives for the cause.

And they have been used in some of the most successful ad campaigns in history.

These 27 words can create miracles.

Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, I’m not at liberty to divulge the name of the obscure
manuscript author or reveal his findings.

But I’ve used these ideas to turn dull, lifeless ads and salesletters into ultra-converting machines.

And I will use these ideas in each and every one of our client’s copywriting assignments from now on.

Simple words can indeed change the world.

Or maybe just sell a boatload of your products or services.

Let us know if we can help you catapult your conversions and sales on your next marketing campaign.

Kindest regards,

J. Daryl Thompson


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Some news on the work front…

Some news on the work front…
    • David, it’s really not MUCH of a ploy…but we really have to keep it internal. It’s more about how the words are sequenced, the set-up, and the niche in which they’re being applied! Anything we could help you with, copywriting wise?

  • That was one article you guys just did…. I’m in the same boat as David unfortunately..
    No offense but that article actually was not good copywriting. It left a bad taste for its readers… Articles are to give useful info, not just build us up then say pay for the answer.

    If you give away your best stuff/basic ideas/ concepts it will convert to sales as the regular people just don’t know how to implement it anyways so they will ask for your help/service.

    Hand down though you guys know your stuff and are good at, just not this post… 🙂
    All feedback if use for the better only helps you grow!


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