November 29

HELP YOURSELF this marketing season :)


During the Christmas season, it’s really about giving and helping others. We donate a little more at the food bank, we give a little more at Church,  and we buy loved ones gifts to let them know how much we’re thinking about them!

But, in business…you have to help yourself.

Here are some ways that I am helping myself in my business. Granted our  models are different, but all the below topics are ones that I could have  done in a month! I’ve had to do the things below while  managing launches,  helping clients, raising a family, making calls, etc etc…so if you do the below NOW…it’ll make for a better 2013.

Provide VALUE – As you’ve noticed my site has gone from the once a  month posting, to 4 articles a month. I’m sharing  info/insights that I used  to only share with CLIENTS…but if you can benefit from the articles, won’t  we BOTH win?

–  Focus My Endeavors – It’s really about an investment in me. I’ve specialized  my skills and ability, improved my knowledge banks, focused on integrity and targeted strategic partnerships. Doing these things has allowed me to grow revenue, increase  time with my family, and provide MORE value to my clients…and if they win, I win.

Maintain Momentum & Goodwill – The key is that I stay in front of you with quality content, good marketing opportunities, and inside info so I’ll always be that ‘go to’ guy for you!

Treat Customers as CLIENTS – I’ve been working on this for a while, but the best way that I can show you how YOU can do this is via the article by my good friend Charles Gaudet…Creating Clients That Love You.  Honestly, read this twice and apply all aspects!

Those are things that I’VE done to help my business…here are some things that I believe YOU can do to help yours…

Do pull your sales records, pull your contact lists, and TARGET THEM as much as possible.

Do Assess the strengths – in your customer base, in your product lines, in your affiliations in the industry overall.

DO consider turning the word ‘customer’ into CLIENT.

Do make a deliberate effort to unseat stagnant perspectives about a single individual customer, a product, an affiliation looking for a new approach.

Do assess YOUR strengths integrating your preferences.

Do make a list of your ‘really want to do more business’ with favorite,  successful industry professionals going forward, even when  you’ve never met them – online or otherwise. (ask me for intros ;))

Do give yourself breathing room to digest the data!

Do start laying the groundwork this month by reaching out by reaching out to initiate working with those you want to work with, in all facets of the industry.

Do go to work right now on this list.

I’ll expand on parts of this list in more detail (areas where I REALLY see the most value) this coming month, but in the mean time…




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Here’s what my network is saying…

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2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
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