October 28

Good opportunity…fill your calendar with this.


As you know (or SHOULD know) John Carter is
launching a BRAND NEW class in about 3 weeks
(November 15-25th to be exact) and there’s been
an opening in EVERYONE’S calendar for this
week…and NEXT!

This is a good opportunity…fill your calendar
with THIS!

John’s ebook!!

This is an offer I’ve been running through
Facebook and consistently hitting 55% click
to lead, and they’re BUYING CLASSES!

I talked to John, he said if affiliates are able
to get promo’s for the ebook out EARLY,
they’ll be laying the groundwork for a HUGE
November launch…

I’ve got some awesome copy that’ll do two

1. CONVERT at a VERY high rate.

2. Prep people for John’s next class AND
put you in a firm position in their minds
as ‘in the know’ of the behind the scenes 😉

Become an affiliate of John Carter (here’s WHY)
and talk to me about the ebook and his next

Sound good?




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