January 30

Give Affiliate Marketing a CHANCE! (here’s why)


I talk to a lot of potential affiliate partners on a weekly basis.

Sites ranging from big brokers to small blogs.

They have a TON of potential to both make money by promoting
high converting clients, or using affiliates to sell THEIR programs!

…but 99% of the time they all have a bad taste in their mouth regarding
affiliate marketing in our niche…

They equate what WE do with credit card ads, spammy marketing
campaigns, crappy ‘get rich quick’ programs, etc etc…

SO ANNOYING!! Being an affiliate PARTNER can give you as a
site owner tremendous earning and growth potential so STOP

I’m here to dispel a few of the myths, lies, and misconceptions
regarding affiliate marketing in the hopes you’ll change your mind and
work with GOOD people in this niche.

Myth: “You can’t make any REAL money as an affiliate marketer”

Reality: 200 to 500k a year by sending a few emails!

I work with about 50 affiliate marketers just in the trading
and investing niche who earn between $200,000 and $500,000
a year…is that REAL money? Those 50+ guys/companies
aren’t selling their souls to the devil to make that money
either…they’re promoting QUALITY companies and offers
and SCREENING what they send to their audience to
ensure QUALITY is what their audience is getting…and
clearly it pays 🙂

Lie: “I’ll hurt my own reputation by introducing other
people to my list!”

Truth: Introduce the RIGHT people, and your reputation
will grow!

I’m on a lot of email lists…probably yours if you’re reading
this…and I CRINGE whenever I see the ‘wrong’ people being
promoted for a site’s ‘first affiliate offer’! I know that the promo
will flop…I know refunds will be high…and I know that’ll
be another potential affiliate scorned by working with the
wrong people.

The ‘wrong people’ will weave a compelling tale of making
big money, getting great traffic, blah blah…only to let
down the affiliate, leave them hanging in the wind, and
BLAMING THE AFFILIATE who promoted! It’s nuts.

Introducing the RIGHT people will open doors for you.
Introducing the RIGHT people will show your list that
you’re not just all about selling YOUR stuff…you have
a genuine interest in helping them, even if that means
someone else might help better then you do.

Here’s an email one of my clients got last year from
a now NEW subscriber…”Hey thanks for telling me
about ‘John Carter’  he really helped me catch up so now
I’m ready to subscribe to your newsletter

The right people CAN help your reputation.

No: “My people only want to buy my stuff!

Yes: Oh so every person on your email list has bought
something from you? Right…no they have not!

If you have 20k people on your list, and only 1k
paying members/buyers, and you refuse to introduce
the remaining 19k people to NEW offers, you’re
leaving a LOT of money on the table…like 15 bucks
PER PERSON a MONTH on the table!!

Do you think the guys/girls/companies who are making
over 200k a year don’t have a product of their own that
they’re selling to their list? Of course they do!!

But they’ve realized they can’t sell ALL of them…so why
not work with some quality people and make some great

It’s a no brainer…if you do it right! (right people, right
delivery system, and right segmenting)

I’ve covered just a FEW topics…did I convince you to
give affiliate marketing a shot??

I did you say…that’s fantastic 🙂

Read this page, and email me!

OK…so what did I miss?? What didn’t I answer for you? Why
aren’t you taking action, signing up for my clients’ affiliate programs
and ASKING ME WHO YOU SHOULD (or should NOT) work with?

You realize I’m pretty connected right??

This is YOUR chance to ask me questions and get the FACTS right
from me, and my commenters, who are in the space, doing great
business…and making a LOT of money.

All my best,


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  • If you want to know WHO to work with (outside of my clients of course) just ask I’ll be happy to point you in the direction of some good people! Heck…they’ll probably comment on this article 🙂

  • Funny you should write about this today Brad, as I have had an extreme amount of bad influence injected into my own affiliate marketing projects and even my personal relationships with the people I DO trust in this space.

    A few or even one bad affiliate is like the bad apple scenario…the whole basket reflects the damage,

    Anthony H.

    • Sorry to hear that Anthony! It’s just like anything where there are stereotypes that need to be overcome…but you’re one of the guys rising to the top!

  • My biggest issue is representing an affiliate marketing company is when, after the due diligence I would do prior to purchasing an investment related service for myself (I spend a couple of hours a day on trading), I find services like Trading Concept Inc. to have a terrible record with consumers.

    Why would I want to represent something like that? I realize there is a bigger money hit coming in from a 1 shot sale with them but is that any way to build a blog or long term relationship when they have so many dissatisfied customers?

    • HighYieldConsultant, due diligence is a HUGE part of it for sure and some companies are a fit…some are not. What companies are you promoting with success? Also what’s your website? Would love to check it out!

  • I always chuckle when I hear “My people only want to buy MY stuff”

    Think about it: How many books, courses and DVDs about Internet Marketing are on YOUR shelf? Do you only buy stuff from ONE person, or do you buy from multiple vendors?

    The same is true for traders: Look at ANY traders bookshelf, and you will see multiple books and courses.

    As long as you offer QUALITY affiliate products and explain how it complements YOUR product, the traders on your list will be thankful.

    I personally ask for review copies of EVERY affiliate offer, and often I even jump on the phone with a partner get a better understanding how the product helps traders. I would never endorse anything that I don’t use myself .

    Just my two cents… 😉

    – Markus

    • Reviewing is the key! If you don’t think it’s good…then your audience won’t either. Good insight (from a top affiliate) Markus 😉

  • I probably the wrong one to really ask about this as I am not into the Affiliate Marketing style. It’s a whole different world than social networking that I do. The way I get numbers is much different that you all.

    I learned when we were the World Cup Champions in Pro Catfishing that you just don’t slap your name on endorsing just any product and or service. There are too many cons out there with junk. We refused to tarnish our reputation for a quick few thousand dollars of endorsements or sponsorship by being turned into a corporate puppet. Never sell out for a lousy buck or a beer. Your reputation, integrity and business ethics are everything!

    Best of Luck!
    Vince aka TeamWhiskers
    See Ya on the Water…

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