September 28

Getting MORE Leads in 3 Simple Steps: Part 1


“Brad…we just need MORE leads!”

It’s what you want.

It’s what you NEED…

They’re the Glen Garry leads and you’re not weak!! 🙂

Getting more leads really isn’t that difficult as I plan
to layout for you in three simple steps.

These are steps that my partner, Brian, and I use on
a DAILY basis for helping us, and our clients, generate
MORE leads. These steps are tested, proven, and if
done properly generate higher VOLUME and quality.

So you ready?

I call it the 3 C’s! (fancy right)

Now I wouldn’t be much of a marketer if I didn’t
turn this into MORE content with a nice little call
to action at the end, all while endearing you to me
(Scroll to bottom for some real awwww moments)

So here we GO!

First C is: Create!

This is probably the second hardest part of the process to
get more leads.

When I say create, I’m not talking about a new offer per se,
but more of multiple ‘looks’ FOR that offer. What do I mean?

I’m simply talking about MULTIPLE options for you to
use to generate leads. Often times the MORE in get more
leads, comes because of MORE options for which leads to
enter your funnel!!

Ok so how do you actually do that? How do you build out
multiple creatives?


There are generally 3 things that Brian and I like to do
to create . I’ll tell you what we do at a high level for our
clients, and then how you can do the work yourself.


Our Way: We analyze the dozens of pages we’ve built, that are
currently getting traffic, and we build new pages based
on the factors that are causing those other pages to convert
at a high level.


Your Way: Simply take a look around at other squeeze pages
and use elements to create a new page with YOUR content.


In fact it would behoove you to go OUTSIDE the financial industry
to see with squeeze pages are being used in other niches where the
people in OUR demographic buy stuff. (golf, collector cars, boating, etc)


Our Way: Analyze data from Google, Facebook, email rentals, and
native advertising to determine the best headlines and sub headlines
to test that match the vertical, niche, and demographic that will produce
the best results for our clients.

Clearly having a TON of data on our side gives us an advantage at
any point during the DAY to see what’s getting the most clicks, conversions,
etc…so we optimize to ensure that the pages we’re creating for client
offers are taking advantage of what’s HOT.

Your Way: Take bullets from your squeeze page, and swap them into
the headline and sub headline and TEST. A lot of times your headline
might not hit with your audience…but a bullet from the squeeze might.

So swap out on a weekly basis and analyze the results.



Our Way: We again hit the data and TEST if people want videos, webinars,
ebooks, special reports, briefs, actionable news, etc etc. We do a combo
of data analysis and ‘free thinking’ hahaha…

Traders are like bass fish…they’re always chasing the shiniest object 😉

We see what the data says, create, test, and repeat.

Your Way: Get creative! If you have an ebook, try calling it something
else to see if you get a better bump…it’s THAT SIMPLE!


You may not be a professional copywriter, or tech wiz, or funnel
expert, or have a combined 20 years marketing in the trading
niche like Brian and I do…but YOU CAN GET MORE LEADS
by using the 3 tips above!

Next, I’ll discuss the second “C” which is where the rubber
hits the road. It’s the hardest “C”, but my goal is to help to
make it SIMPLE for you!

Be on the lookout for that article.

In the meantime…why not check out what Brian and I have
been doing for the past year and a half….

In a nut shell…we scale your business for you!

Now…if you check out that page and have even a SLIGHT
feeling that we could help you, contact me ASAP. We are
selective about who we work with to ensure SUCCESS!

(how’s that for a call to action!!)

Also the COMMENTS ARE OPEN if you’d like to refute my
methods above, say hello, or have any input from your OWN

Looking forward to hearing from you!


P.S. I forgot the part about endearing you to me…

What better way then some pics of the 5 kids you’re
helping to support by reading my blog, working with me,
and overall being awesome!

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