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How to Get and CONVERT More Leads In 2018


2017 was an amazing year.

Lots of personal and professional successes too vast to list here, and it was littered with tough times as well! I count BOTH a blessing as I grew a lot and I’m praying 2018 gives you the same growth!

Now, let’s talk business…because 2018 has the potential to be your BEST!

Typically with private clients or select partners I discuss what I think will work in the coming year. This past year I reserved most of that to my business partner Brian, at TradersNewsMedia.com, and our blessed growth has reflected how true our 2017 insights were!

We discussed and implemented new techniques, strategies, and with a great partner like Brian, we were able to see massive 2017 growth.

Last month Brian and I got together and mapped out the TradersNewsMedia 2018 to help us as a performance lead generating advertising agency help our customers get a higher volume and QUALITY of lead from multiple traffic sources…we’ve got that mapped out!

I can’t share ALL our plans, but I want you to get and convert MORE leads in 2018, so here’s what I think you need to focus on:

First, for goodness sake START BUYING MORE EXTERNAL MEDIA!

There’s a reason that 2017 was HUGE for us and our clients – FRESH LEADS! These are NEW people to their funnels, their products, their TRIBE where they nurture them into becoming long term clients and valuable customers.

You might worry about the conversions on cold traffic…you should. 

[bctt tweet=”Converting cold traffic is hard work and requires significant effort. But it’s the effort you SHOULD be focusing on to grow your business.” username=”bradstafford3″]

Yes, TNM does a ton of ad buys and lead delivery for clients, but if you look at ALL the top companies they’re investing heavily into ad buys as their MAIN source of growth.

Are swaps and affiliate partnerships dead and should be abandoned? NO (as you’ll see later).

But you have to face the fact that if you want to get more leads, you’re going to have to take risks and spend money on ads. Will it be easy? NO. Will you struggle? Probably. But if you want to get more leads and keep growing your business, you HAVE to go outside swaps alone.

OH! in case you think there’s a limited amount of ‘fresh’ leads out there, let me share some TradersNewsMedia numbers with you….

So maybe you think it’s time to start buying external traffic to build your list and grow your business??

Second, if you want more CONVERSIONS, then you cannot be content.

Marketing is an ACTIVE term. There’s no such thing as ‘set it and forget it’ anymore…sadly because I love Ron Popeil!

Look at 2017…do you even remember what was ‘hot’ at the beginning of the year? I can tell you for SURE it wasn’t anything to do with Crypto…and look how that’s taken over.

That’s an easy one to see the need for change, but what I want to nail into your head is NO PROMOTION IS SAFE! Always be reviewing, updating, changing, tweaking…why? Because people are fickle. Fact.

Humans are fickle and our wants and needs change often…which YOU should match with changes to your marketing.

A lot of what I’m suggesting rests on you having a FIRM grip on your statistics. Lead conversions, sales conversions, earning per lead in 30/60/90 days, open rates on funnels, value of leads from external ad sources, etc etc etc.

Data, even MORE than in 2017, will DOMINATE 2018. And you have two choices: Read and advance WITH the data, or cry into your beer about the good old days when conversions were easy.

More changes based on DATA in your marketing WILL lead to more conversions.

Mark it down.

Lastly if you want more leads and conversions, I believe 2018 will be a big year for major collaborations and mergers.

In 2017 there was some significant mergers at the ‘top of the pile’ which really brought multiple power house brands and newsletters under one ‘roof’ and we’ll see how that plays out for them to see how it changes the brand/value/reputations/etc.

But for 2018, I think it’s collaborations and mergers that have NOT been done at ‘below Agora’ levels. Why? Mostly, from discussions I’ve had, is because of ego. “Well we’re better than them at X, why should we work together.” It’s needless ego and pride that holds people back from partnerships and deals that make OVERALL sense.

Are all parts going to work perfectly? No. And it doesn’t need to be a marriage at first. Start off dating, to see if you can work well together and make more money, and make your life easier 🙂

Are there risks? Sure. But think about those who bought 500 bitcoins at 1k…risky but worth it. And frankly NOTHING has been accomplished of note that hasn’t required risk!

Maybe I’ll wrap this article up with this…


Here’s to a great 2018 and if you have anything to add, be bold and comment!

All my best,


P.S. If you need any guidance on any of the above points for 2018, just email me…I’m here to help! Brad@bradstafford.com


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