September 30

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In marketing, especially affiliate marketing in the trading/investing niche, it seems like there’s always something ‘hot’ that is a guaranteed million dollars for you. It gets old and we see through it…but what happens if you MISS a decent affiliate program? That’s what I want to change!

Instead of blindly buying in, casually pushing it aside, or really missing the boat…I’m going to review them FOR YOU!

I’ve been around long enough to know who to work with…and who to AVOID! So first of all if you want me to review your company, or review a company for you…just email me:

Second here are the latest reviews:

Forex Ultimate System by Bob Iaccino. Normally forex robots I tell you to avoid like the PLAGUE! With big changes coming in the forex business (50-1 leverage and CFTC regulations) it’s important to operate without reproach. Since Bob’s a real person, with REAL trading knowledge, he stands above the rest.

Product: The product itself is a signal service..BUT Bob’s product is signal software with educational component…trades aren’t entered in for them, users have all the info they need pop up right on their screen via the proprietary software. Pretty simple…actually tested…and probably a good service.

Commissions: 40% recurring on a 197.00 price point. 78.80 a sale…not bad.

Affiliate Manager: Corey Benjamin. Great guy, honest, hard working, stand up guy who knows his stuff. Personal email:

Marketing Style: Launch

Date: Sept 28th to Oct 6th

Would I recommended it? I’ll say YES if you’re a forex guy (or girl). They’re good people to work with and the product is well positioned.

More Info: Visit affiliate page here Newsletter by Chris Vermeulen. Trading newsletter focusing on ETF’s with low risk and high reward. Chris is dedicated to helping members…even taking PERSONAL EMAILS from them. Who else believes enough in his service to invite people to bug him personally?

Product: The product itself is a newsletter with videos, trade recommendations, timely market analysis from an 11 year trader. So far we’re seeing subscribers stay an AVERAGE of 14 months. Yes let me say that again MEMBERS ARE STAYING 14 MONTHS ON AVERAGE! How’s that for quality of product?

Commissions: 35% recurring on multiple products and price points. (29.00 a month to 300.00 a month) Affiliates get recurring credit for ALL PRODUCTS and phone sale orders.

Affiliate Manager: Brad Stafford (hey that’s me!?!) Yes I’m managing his affiliate program and if you’re not involved change that TODAY! or

Marketing Style: Content marketing

Date: New articles weekly

Would I recommended it? I’ll say YES. Of course I would, I’m running it and I know it’s killing it…and providing a lot of value to affiliates!

More Info: Visit affiliate page here


That’s all for this week, but please review and sign-up if you see fit, and if you want me to review YOU…just email:

All my best,
Brad Stafford


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