January 3

Fiscal Cliff Marketing & CLIENT ALERT


Do you really want my opinion on the fiscal cliff? No…!! But marketing with it lingering over everyone’s head is an important one.

For affiliate marketers it’s CRUCIAL now more than ever that you are careful whom you market for/with. Your loyal readers are in the same uncertain state as you are, and since you’ve built their trust and nurtured that relationship, they’re going to look at YOU for guidance and help to set themselves up for a successful trading year in 2013.

One BIG thing that you should do for your loyal readers is make sure the programs you’re promoting have a positive but realistic message.

You want your audience to be encouraged that success is still out there, and achievable…but not by stretching the truth! Keep a high level of integrity with your audience.

I’ll save you the time in looking for the RIGHT people to promote and work with in 2013…

Todd Mitchell and John Carter!

They’re my current clients and between the two I expect HUGE things! Todd’s already a PROVEN success over the past year with over 3mm in sales and 98% retention rate.

John’s the ‘white whale’ in the affiliate space with his high conversions and his household name recognition. He brought me on to really take his program to the next level and to work with YOU!

If you’re not a part of Todd’s program GO HERE, If you’d like to get an early FIRST COOKIE jump with John Carter and his SimplerOptions GO HERE.

Cheers to you and to a successful 2013!


P.S. Any questions about either guy/company, just ask. You know I only work with the best, who pay on time, and whose products CONVERT and RETAIN!

Todd’s Affiliate Program Blog

John’s Affiliate Program Sign-Up


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Here’s what my network is saying…

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
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