In my previous post on finding affiliate marketers I shared with you a question that’s often asked to me: ‘Brad how do you find so many affiliates, get them interested in what you’re pushing, and actively promoting…SO QUICKLY??!!”

In Part 1 I covered FINDING affiliates. It’s not an easy thing and there’s no ‘magic site’ that gives you all the best ones. Re-read that post for some tips.

Today I’m tackling part 2 of the question:

Q: How do you get affiliates interested in what you’re pushing?

A: Very easily actually…I send them this picture with the words “I’m right behind you…do what I say or else!!”

I'm behind you...

No actually that would be pretty interesting to see how the ‘intimidation’ angle worked out…I’m guessing not so well.

The real key to getting people interested is three fold:


If it’s a lead offer that upsells into a paid course, or a 97 dollar e-book with back-end upsells into high end coaching, or anything in between you have to know what you’re talking about. If someone says ‘hey let’s talk on the phone’ you’d better be ready to explain everything about the product and ready to answer their questions.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people waste great contacts by failing to know the product and properly ‘sell it’ to that potential affiliate.

More then likely if you’re the creator of the product…this won’t be a problem…onto #2.


Would it make ANY sense for me to push a new Forex signal service to a Stock only site??? NO.

Before you contact the site know what they’re doing. See what they’re writing about, see what’s getting comments, and check out other ads (if any) for a glimpse into their potential success. Do your research before turning into a used car salesman and trying to push that family of 12 into the Ford Focus. Figure out how what you have will benefit them and their audience, even MORE then the commissions they’ll earn.

Sometimes even if what you have isn’t a good fit, you should still contact that person, build a relationship and plan for the future. Hey that’s what I do…never know when you might be able to help someone down the road right?

OK #3….


One of the biggest problems I see is that people aren’t willing/able to ‘change with the times’. Marketing is ALWAYS changing and in the trading/investing niche if you blink your audience has a new preference of buying your product, opting into your offers, and interacting with you.

You’ve got to be able to take the latest (and hopefully ahead of the curve) methods for bringing in leads and CONVERTING those leads. You can nail the first two (above) but if you say to someone ‘sell my e-book’ they’ll say ‘yeah right after I get the next AOL free 30 hour CD’.

Don’t embarrass yourself, know what the market wants and deliver that to them…via your affiliates.

Part 3 will come later…

Brad Stafford

P.S. If you have any questions about any of the above, contact me via my contact page, OR check out my ‘Rolodex’ to the right.