August 22

Embrace The Cold Traffic


We all want warm traffic. They’re nice and cozy. They know us and our products, and they just need that gentle nudge to become paying customers.

We avoid cold traffic. They’re mean and never buy. They don’t wash their own dishes, we hate them!

WRONG. it’s time you love them.

Now, this article about cold traffic is not for lifestyle businesses. If you’re comfortable with your current client base, earnings, etc., then go back to Facebook to see how Aunt Millie is doing with her new car she’s posted 32 pictures of.

However, if you want to GROW your business, then this article is for you.

Let me make something clear. You CAN grow your business with warm traffic…but only to a point. You will eventually have to embrace the cold if you want to keep growing so really at some point, you WILL have to embrace the cold 😉

Ok moving on. How do you truly embrace the cold traffic?


1. You have to understand it.

What is cold traffic? correctly describes it as – “Cold traffic is anyone who visits your site and has no idea who you are or very little idea what it is you have to offer. This is often the majority of your traffic, especially if you are unknown or just starting out.”

This traffic that has NO idea of who you are other than what your ad or content tells them about you.

Think of a cold traffic as that girl standing at the other side of the room at a party, who you’ve never seen and you know you HAVE to talk to her because she’s got ‘it’.

Are you with me so far?


2. You have to ask WHY you need cold traffic.

You’re reading this saying ‘hey Brad, I know you’ve been in the business for 10 years, have helped dozens of companies grow and have been blessed with success…but I’ve got plenty of warm traffic from different sources, I’ll trust myself here’

My response to that? “Enjoy the plateau!”

You NEED the cold traffic because there are a LOT MORE OF THEM than warm leads! VOLUME BABY!

Sometimes you can putz along not really drying up a warm traffic source but there’s no chance you really make a big impact and growth without running to the bottom of the warm traffic well sooner than later. But it WILL HAPPEN…


3. You need to know how to ATTRACT cold traffic.

This isn’t always an easy thing to do. With our example of the girl at the party, you essentially have ONE shot. What if you’re not wearing the right shirt? What if you trip and fall on your way over to talk to her? Or if you offend her with the first few words out of your mouth?!?!


No…cold traffic is like that girl, except instead of the one girl, there are MILLIONS more, and instead of being weird, you have MANY chances to get her number! And in today’s ‘party’ you can test dozens of ways to attract that traffic.

MOREOVER, you can TRACK what works and what does not.

[bctt tweet=”Whatever works, keep doing that until it stops, and then adjust.” username=”bradstafford3″]

This is a scientific approach to cold traffic that you NEED TO APPLY else you’ll fail at attracting the traffic, and you’ll waste money, and you’ll blame me for encouraging you to take the risk. It’s not my fault if you don’t approach the cold traffic the way I show you.

Because what it ALL boils down to with cold traffic is that you’re actually attracting CUSTOMERS!! Because what good is traffic if it’s not buyers? Justin Brook sent an email last week basically ranting about free traffic and nailed down EXACTLY why it’s important to attract cold traffic that are more likely to be BUYERS! If you’re not following him, check him out!


4. You need to CONVERT cold traffic! (the KEY)

You’ve figured out how to attract the traffic but somehow she saw you, and against all her instincts she actually talks to you, now what?!

Well it’s simple really. You apply scientific funnel conversions to that traffic! This works for straight to sale traffic, or lead to sale traffic. You build multiple monetization funnels, test, analyze, test again, analyze, scale, analyze, test, etc. etc.

This is NOT brain surgery. But it’s also not easy. It takes practice, expertise, patience, and the MOST important thing…


Like I said, you will NOT be able to continue to grow for very long or very high without tackling the cold traffic problem.

It is better to do it when you may not want to versus when you NEED to and you’re behind the curve.

I’m here for support, advice, and (if you’re serious) a done for you option.

Go well and don’t be a stranger! 

P.S. Contact if you’d like to jump on a call to pick my brain!


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Here’s what my network is saying…

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