January 31

Earning Partner Loyalty 101


Best Partner Practices Lead to Loyalty

I was going ¬†to write an article on ‘Losing Partner Loyalty 101’, but after 10 pages, several people/companies ‘called out’, and a decent amount of angry typing…I decided to go the other way. I like to keep it positive and calling people out, although it’s OFTEN needed, is something I’ll avoid…for now ūüėČ So…how about a little list action…say…a couple or so¬†points??¬† Each point will have info/advice for partners AND companies…sound good? Great!! (I knew you loved actionable points ;))

When you launch your own LIVE call-in/call-out show!

1. Real Live Calls Interaction…serious stuff to even the chitchat Affiliate managers AND company owners…talk to people! In this day and age of email and text, and overall human interaction avoidance, being able to get someone on the phone is HUGE. I love talking on the phone…some might say too much…but being able to be there to take calls, provide free advice, and just someone to talk to has helped me build relationships with a lot of amazing people that I might not have gotten that close with using just email communication.

When to be be afraid…to be Very afraid!

Affiliates/partners…if you can’t get a company owner or affiliate manager on the phone…BE WORRIED! They’re hiding something, not showing you they actually care about your needs as an affiliate, and probably won’t be around for long. They’re a long way from understanding loyalty! I’ve been doing this for almost 7 years now (actually yeah 7 next month) and I’ve been an affiliate many times, and the SURE sign of trouble (read; you’re not going to get paid) is when the phone rings and doesn’t get answered.

When You’re there, We’re here for you…we’re Always here!

You can call me, Todd, Doc, or John and actually talk to us…pretty easy way to show you that we want your support! With Todd and Doc’s product launch coming up Feb 12th, we’ve been SWAMPED with calls and each and every partner is excited because they know we’re on THEIR SIDE! (We’re expecting to payout over 350k in commissions for this launch…please JOIN here if you’d like to be part of our PowerSTOCK Strategies launch)

When Generosity PAYS on Everyone’s Bottomline!

2. CASHOLA¬†$ $ $¬†Yes, the real live kind $ $ $ Pay partners a lot of money, as much money as possible. Always overpay. Pay them for ALL products that leads they DROVE you buy. Surprise them with email notices on payments on products they didn’t promote! I’m not saying be stupid with payments, I’m saying be GENEROUS!! Clients I work with know that they need to pay affiliates for commissions for ANY product that a cookied person/lead buys. Todd and John (current clients) agreed without hesitation…so PLEASE consider it.

Greed is never good, never ever even remotely good!

Greed is NOT good. Sorry…greed is bad…greed leads to failed companies…greed leads to a bad reputation…greed guarantees your company a VERY short run…and greed will drive away partners faster then you could ever imagine…I’VE SEEN IT!!!!!!!!! Affiliates/partners…you’d better find out if the people you’re promoting for are paying you for any/ALL products they sell. If it’s not clearly listed or stated, they’re probably not. Just like with phone sales, if the company isn’t saying yes or no, assume they’re NOT…and consider your promotion.

When it’s a good thing to strut your ‘stuff’

3. Transparency…¬†translucence…transcendence It’s sad that I actually have to say this because it’s done so LITTLE by companies!! So listen up…companies, if you’re having issues or problems TELL YOUR PARTNERS! If you change your affiliate agreement, TELL YOUR PARTNERS! If you’re doing really well with something, TELL YOUR PARTNERS!

When I heard it on the Grapevine…

The industry is big…but small at the same time. People talk. People share experiences. People share quotes from¬†desperate¬†companies. It’s a simple PR bullet point: stay in front of the problem!

Affiliates/partners…if you think you’re being lied to, you probably are. If you talk to others who are having that ‘yeah I’m just not sure’ feeling…you should be SURE! If you can’t/don’t get a straight answer then it’s probably time you bail.

Ask Lance Armstrong about how well denying a problem will do for you in the future… Ask ME about how well telling your partners EXACTLY how many leads and sales a client generated (John Carter affiliates know what I’m talking about here ;))

WHEN? the time is NOW!

Do you agree with the above points? Have you SEEN these¬†points put into action? How has that made you feel?¬† Good, bad, indifferent? COMMENTS ARE OPEN ūüôā Cheers, Brad


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  • WEll Done Brad,

    Yea I agree I only work with those I trust and they have one chance to mess it up. Once you crossed that line I wont work with them again. I don’t like to burn bridges but there is a saying. Burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me.

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