July 20

Do You “Red Team”?


If you don’t “Red Team”…

Your business is not and WILL NOT reach it’s FULL potential.

Based on extensive research, and lots of calls, it’s clear that most companies I know are not running ‘Red Teams’ and in turn…

They are NOT reaching their full potential.

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Now you’re probably wondering…WHAT IS A RED TEAM!?

Glad you asked…

According to the always reliable and never wrong Wikipedia….

red team is an independent group that challenges an organization to improve its effectiveness.”

Basically it’s someone (or a team) to find holes in what you do. It originally started as a military program meant to find LIFE THREATENING holes in defenses, attacks, strategies, etc. Over time though it’s been (being) applied to BUSINESS!

Now imagine that job for a second…

“After looking at X…we feel it stinks…talk to you later.”


Nice job right?

But really the point isn’t so much to point out flaws and judge from a throne…no no no!

The original concept was meant to help IMPROVE and give a different perspective on the situation.

So it’s not just about pointing out holes, or issues, it’s about working TOGETHER to fix those holes, test all theories, and come to a better solution.

OK Brad…where should I ‘Red Team’ my business?

Well in my opinion (because I’m a marketing guy ;)) is…Your Marketing

It’s the lowest hanging fruit. Fact is, you’re entrenched in your ideas, your writing, etc etc…and someone NEW can easily bring new fresh perspective to what you’re doing.

All aspects of your business (hiring, firing, accounting) can do for a good ‘Red Team’, but with marketing it’s the place where you can make the biggest impact.

Someone with fresh eyes to take their experience and outside perspective and give you insights that you probably haven’t seen…or didn’t think about before!

It happens all the time.

You’ve got laser focus and sometimes can’t see the forrest for the trees…I’ve been there and I often have someone ‘Red Team’ my business.

It’s not always easy, but it does make you think.

I get it…what should I look for in someone to “Red Team” my marketing?

There are three key points:

1. Someone who’s done a lot more then you. Seems like the easiest one…but it’s over looked.

2. Someone who’s not a ‘yes man’.

You’ll be paying this person, but you want someone who is going to tell you their opinion without fear of you firing them.

Someone with conviction and a backbone…key.

3. Someone willing to HELP!

Man it’s easy to just Monday morning quarterback a funnel, or an ad buy…you want someone who’s willing to share their experiences, stand up for new ideas, and help your team APPLY THEM!

Because what good is a Red Team if you can’t quickly APPLY their insights for testing??

OK…how do I FIND the right person?

You could spend time going outside your industry, making endless calls, explaining what a red team does, and then hope they have insights…



It’ll take you 2 min to reserve time with me HERE.

I’m IN YOUR INDUSTRY, I know how to execute a proper red team for maximum results, and with 9 years of experience with over a dozen successful companies I’ll have helpful insights for you.

Contact me today via:

email : brad@bradstafford.com)
skype: brad.stafford928
smoke signal: 38.922 N, -76.628 W

Contact me today for a free 1 hour session where I will ‘Red Team’ the aspect of your business you need the most help and insights with.

Talk soon,


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Here’s what my network is saying…

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