October 11

Did Traders Ever STOP Buying?


Last week I touched on the question of ‘Are Traders Buying Again’,
and this week I ask (and answer) the question:

Did Traders Ever STOP Buying?

Yes…yes they did.

Sure plenty of you will come out and say ‘Brad I had the best
month ever’ blah blah…but the TRUTH is that numbers across
the board, from small newsletters to BIG courses dropped.

The biggest factor, in my opinion, is us…marketers.

The thought process years ago, was ‘this is so good I want to share
it (and make some money)’. The thought process today (hopefully
not too much longer) is ‘they’ll buy this’ and this is the ONLY thought
process that goes into our relationship with customers!

Our greed got in the way of the goal that we all started out

I’ll help people, and make money doing it!

Now it’s, I’ll make money…people be darned!

Our arrogance has led us to think that we can FORCE
people to buy whatever we stuff down their throats.

This worked for a while because we still wanted to
help people. But as that feeling went away, and we
shifted toward greed, we shifted away from the customer!

Agree..disagree? Let’s discuss it in the comments.


P.S. More detail on this and ALL previous articles is in the works 🙂


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Here’s what my network is saying…

Here’s what my network is saying…

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
  • well said, Brad. customers are not only more selective, but there’s a ton of free content and free webinars all the time for them to get no-cost access to as well. the only way to earn traders’ business is with solid ontent quality that actually helps them, as it’s always been. overpriced launches are diminishing in impact and sales number not because traders aren’t buying, it’s just that they’ve been educated about what to avoid (overpriced launches for example)… and how to test out and ask for proof elements and demand genuinely useful reasonably-priced content that actually works. The wonderful thing for me at least is, I’m getting a ton of new customers this year from traders who have been burned by launch marketers with crappy content… traders can tell the difference between authentic experts and marketers. I count on it.

  • Brad… spot on my friend.

    What’s the name of that book… you know… oh yea the Bible. I remember a small passage from it:

    “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”

    Guess it still applies today…

    We forgot one thing, we’re not dealing with email addresses and opt-ins, we’re dealing with people – the internet hasn’t changed that. It’s time to get back to the relationship, the handshake (metaphorically of course, or maybe not).

    I see this as a opportunity. Like most markets (and we are all students of the markets), the trader’s publishing industry has formed it’s own bubble… and now it’s popping. After it deflates, many will go out of biz, and that will be the time where those who focus on good content and good relationship building will do very well.


    • Yeah crazy how that continues to be a problem today 😉

      I think a lot of people are moving in the right direction and it’s guys like us who keep them going that way!!

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