CPM to Affiliates in 3 steps…

Written by Brad

April 24, 2014

In my previous article I wrote about how my goal for ALL
my ad buys is to get them to become affiliate partners…

So I figured why not let YOU give it a try too 🙂


You say “Brad you could keep more of the profits if you
simply rent the list for super cheap!”

Yes that’s true…but hear me out…

I don’t want to have to front the money to get traffic,
but I know that a lot of these people have been burned
by affiliates in the past, are working with the WRONG affiliate
groups (ie: not me ;)), or simply are uneducated in the space.

The other reason…if I know there is a way for someone
to make MORE money then why wouldn’t I share that with
them? What happens if they find out, ‘hey I could have made
double as an affiliate’…what happens is, they look at me
in a bad light…and I don’t want that.


Three simple steps…that’s all you need…three simple
steps and you’ll succeed! (if you know that tune, you have kids)


This is going to come across as harsh, but it’s the truth…

If you haven’t found advertisers yet…YOU’RE LAZY!

Sorry, but there are literally dozens that pop up with
a simple search. Unlike affiliate marketing, you don’t
need an introduction or inside connection to work with
them! Simply find the site, fill out a form, or call and
boom business time 🙂

So hit the web and FIND THEM…they’re out there.


ALL of the advertisers I’ve talked to have all said the
same thing…’oh we don’t do CPA, we’ve been burned
by XYZ company.’

That stinks for you…but you can blame the other company
all you want, but it is what it is…now move on.

They don’t want to do it because they’ve gotten burned,
so you need to acknowledge that and BUY AD SPACE FIRST!

Be honest with them, tell them you believe they can make
MORE as an affiliate and tell them YOU will risk it.


Time to put your money where your mouth is…now you’ve
got to convert the traffic.

Sure you’ll come across advertisers who’s lists truly embody
everything bad about email marketing, but when you come
across a good one that CONVERTS they’ll come to YOU for
your next promotion!

So do you agree..think it’s worth a test…or think I’m out of
my mind for even writing such things down 🙂

Let me know in the comments!


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