November 13

Why Are Ad Agencies Pushing Affiliate Offers?


Leads to Sales Conversion

If you’ve been following my launches with John Carter
(which I’m SURE you are ūüėČ), you’ve noticed a few names
and companies that you recognize as AD AGENCIES.

And you thought…

‘Why are they pushing an affiliate launch?’

Well there are three reasons why advertisers are convincing
publishers to forgo their typical CPM deal for a CPA deal…
I think ūüėČ

1. Only pushing GREAT converting affiliate offers because the
conversions are there.

Advertising companies are full of REALLY¬†smart people…smart
people make money. So they’re searching for¬†the affiliate companies
who are CONVERTING traffic.

Converting traffic is the key in that sentence.

There are a LOT of affiliate companies coming to advertisers
hitting them with a pitch about how they should promote, blah
blah blah…

But they want PROOF.

Proof that comes from testing.

Proof that comes from filled bank accounts ūüôā

And publishers are finding that money with GREAT
(like John Carter) affiliate offers.

2. Their ‘normal’ ad people are NOT converting…

Wisely advertisers are focused on keeping their publishers happy…DUH.

And what’s been happening is that the companies advertising
are NOT converting the leads publishers are sending! It’s like
I said in my last article…it’s not the publishers fault you can’t convert!

And if advertisers don’t know how to convert leads then they won’t be
able to buy ads…and publishers won’t have consistent income.

So agencies are thinking outside the box to keep publishers happy
and keep making money…again…they’re smart people ūüôā

What they’re finding are¬†affiliates, like John, are consistent and can
earn them more, and keep money coming in, and fresh ads/content
going out.

Which leads to my third point….

3. MONEY!!

Simple right? Well the truth is, with a longer conversion/payout
tail (because of cookies and other products to sell) publishers are
able to make MORE vs the CPM model.

It boils down to cookies, multiple products, conversions, and WHEN
payments are coming.

With cookies, publisher leads are exposed to more buying opportunites
which leads to MORE commissions/payouts.

With multiple products, it’s like a buffet…someone’s GOT to find
something they like at some point.

Conversions…that’s simple…IF IT CONVERTS THEY MAKE MONEY!
Not¬†ALL affiliate companies have good conversions. Sorry, that’s the
truth, and¬†you know who you are. That’s due in part to poor marketing
funnels, weak market analysis, and NO testing!

Tighten those things up then present your case.

Regarding payouts…that’s where it gets tricky. Agencies have an
obligation to pay their publishers, and when they do an affiliate deal,
payout terms are often scattered, strange (percentage wise), and inconsistent.

Solve the payout problem (like John does with a net 30 100% payout)
and agencies might consider you.

So…what did I miss?

Are you working with Agencies to push YOUR affiliate product?

Talk soon,

P.S. Insert BLATANT call to action to get YOU to sign-up for
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