August 9

Convert in Your Webinar…TODAY!



They’re the tool of millionaire marketers, and people who want to be.

So if you’re doing webinars to SELL…how do you do it? And how do you sell in the TRADING niche?

Most the stuff out there you can buy to ‘teach you how to sell’ was created by internet marketers FOR internet marketers. We know our audience is a LOT different.

We know our people are older, well educated, looking for something realistic but better thanwhat they have, and who have achieved some sort of success in business or life so they expect a good presentation.

That info ALONE should help you target your webinar…but I’ll go on 🙂

Since we’re talking about SELLING, let’s talk about one of the best closers I’ve seen and worked with, John Carter.

When I told John I’m going to write about his webinar closing skills he told me ‘you give away my secret sauce and I’ll bury you on my ranch!’ He’s a big softy…but he’s a GREAT client so I won’t divulge his secrets that have led to over 2.5mm in class sales via webinar presentations (with another class launch starting August 14th that YOU SHOULD BE A PART OF)

But I will give you some questions to ask yourself when you do your next webinar regarding intro, meat, and pitch…

Introduction: How am I setting myself apart from my audience?

Remember, your audience is looking at YOU to be the expert they can trust, learn from, and BUY FROM. Are you doing that? How are you doing that?

Meat: Can what I’m teaching be instantly applied and seen as valuable?

Give me something I can use. That’s what EVERYONE is thinking so give it to them. Ask yourself if the BEST thing you’re teaching them is something they can instantly use and apply TODAY to their trading. You get too confusing, cover TOO many topics, and hit them with too much…and you’ll lose them.

Pitch: Am I asking for the sale?

Really…ASK THEM TO BUY! If you believe in what you’re selling, then SELL THEM! When I ‘pitch’ potential affiliate partners to work with my clients (ahem…John Carter August 14th) I BELIEVE they will benefit…I BELIEVE in John and what he does. You should do the same and TELL PEOPLE TO BUY!


Ask yourself this ONE question regarding timing…’Am I keeping people on their toes?’ Don’t get stale or long winded at ANY point…

Want to get John’s REAL secret sauce on how he closes up to 23% in webinars?!?!

It’s SUPER easy…

Become an affiliate of John TODAY, promote his next class “Insiders Guide To Trading Weekly Options” starting August 14th, and promote and ATTEND his webinars on the 20th and 21st….

DO THAT ALL HERE and email me 🙂

That’s how you ask for action 😉

What else can you ADD to this? Or what COMMENTS do you have?

Comment section is wide open!


P.S. Sign-up for John’s affiliate program and promote his class to your list HERE


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Here’s what my network is saying…

Here’s what my network is saying…

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
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