January 7

Competitive Advertising Analysis


“Competitive Advertising Analysis…”

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How about if I put it like this…

Do you want to KILL your competition?

Here’s the issue; your competition is spending money
on Google and Facebook, and they’re doing it WAY better
than you are. Boom simple.

They might be spending MORE money than you, but that’s
a product of them doing a better JOB OF IT THAN YOU. So
when you think ‘oh well, so and so has all that money to spend

Now this is what sucks…You’re getting beat…

You might think you’ve got great ads, budget, placement etc,
but you don’t…because if you did…you would have already
stopped reading this by now.

Now, instead of adding to your excuse pile (which is currently
over 50 feet tall) let’s get to some SOLUTIONS…

So how do you do it?

Solution one through five hundred…

Competitive Advertising Analysis and ME

You could do it without me, but here’s what you’ll have to do…

Retroactively get 8+ years of marketing experience, connect with
over 2k professional contacts in the advertising/marketing world,
utilize technology normally reserved for blue chip companies,
and spend all your time focusing on marketing…

Easy right? 🙂

The reality is if you want to beat your competitors here’s
just a TASTE of what you need to know…

– What OFFER they’re spending money on…
– WHERE they’re spending money…
– WHY they’re spending money on an offer…
– What networks are pulling…

And without me…it’s next to impossible to glean that info.

Basically if you’re doing ANY advertising at all (Google, FB, ETC)
and you don’t know, or at least have a solid idea, of what your
BEST competitors are doing…

Then you’re going at it without much chance of getting it right…
before wasting a lot of time and money.

Do you agree?

What Do You Do NOW?

Shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you within an hour to set
up a call to discuss the Competitive Advertising Analysis on YOUR
advertising and marketing.

Sound good?


Talk soon,



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