February 9

Can you manage a promotion from a hospital??


This isn’t really much of a ‘post’ per-se, but more of
a “can he do both” question 🙂

See, next week John Carter is launching a new class…

And I’ll be at the hospital with my wife as she delivers
our FOURTH child…and she WANTS me to work 🙂

So do YOU think I can do both?

Help cheer on my wife to deliver our 4th happy and
healthy baby…


Help John break past our 1.6 million sales record
we hit on our LAST promo??

Should be a busy week 🙂

Oh and if you want to follow along with the launch
to see how John is now consistently making millions
selling a 497 dollar class…JOIN HERE AND FOLLOW


P.S. Sorry John…but I’d rather have a happy delivery
then 1mm in sales…but you already knew that 😛



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