I’m 100% serious! Can I rent your email list?

Email me right now with the following:

1. List size
2. Frequency of email blast
3. Open rates
4. Click thru rates
5. If you have dates open between Sept 4th and Sept 11th
6. What your normal price is


“Brad why are you going to rent MY list?!”

Good question…

Here’s why…I am going to rent your list, use my affiliate link
associated with John Carter for his SimplerOptions launch,
and I’m going to DOUBLE whatever I pay you for the rental!

If you’re not willing to schedule 2-3 email blasts for John Carter’s
September SimplerOptions class launch, then I AM!!

I know from history, and CURRENT TESTS, that whatever you’re
charging (depending on your list stats from above) I’ll double it.

So you now have two choices…

1. Let me rent your list and know that I’ll be making YOUR money.

2. Become an affiliate partner of John (HERE/FREE) and set-up
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P.S. If you’re already an affiliate, you know what I’m talking about
so go ahead and lock up dates for SimplerOptions in early September!