January 31

Business Success Tips: Getting Back to Basics (good for EVERYONE!)


The past year and a half here in South Africa has taught me a lot about myself, about my family, and a lot about business success in general.

Yes I started a new business while here (TradersNewsMedia.com), but the MOST knowledge has been gained while working with the students here at LivingHope.


How can working with students who have little to no working knowledge of business help me? Easy! Getting back to basics!

Two basic principles I want to focus on today…

  1. Financial Goal

  2. ‘Non-Financial’ Goal

Huh?? Well the first one is simple.

What is your Financial Goal for your business success?

For TradersNewsMedia.com it varies. Sometimes it’s 5mm, sometimes it’s 1mm, sometimes it’s 50mm 🙂 The point is that coming back to that monetary goal can help me and Brian make decisions based on how we can hit that goal towards business success. We can analyze hiring someone, or not taking on a client, with a discernment that’s focused on a GOAL.

So what is YOUR financial goal?

The Second…’Non-Financial’ Goal

See if you can find the KEY point in being able to accomplish your ‘non-financial’ goal 😉

Just TODAY I had a chat with a now former student who’s an amazingly talented lady with a TON of potential whatever she decides to do. She has many business options, from cleaning to specialty jams and jellies. Her first goal is providing jobs in a local community, Ocean View, that’s in desperate need of prayer right now. Gangs have taken over a once peaceful place, the police are not helping as much, and people are being murdered daily.

As we all know EMPLOYMENT is way to lift people out of situations where crime seems like the only hope. So that’s exactly what this former student wants to do. And it’s a GREAT GOAL!!

But it’s her FIRST goal…and it should be her SECOND.


Because unless she is able to have financial success, then she’ll NEVER be able to employ anyone. I asked her…”think for a second…have you ever worked for a place where the owner didn’t make more money then you?” No…of course not. Because if they didn’t, then she’d NEVER have a JOB!

The same is true with her goal to employ people from Ocean View. If she isn’t successful and focused on her monetary goal, she’ll NEVER hit her second goal of employing people.

So ask yourself…what is your Non-Financial Goal?

Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments or want to share your financial or non-financial goals towards business success, I’d LOVE TO HEAR!




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  • Spot on Brad. It comes down to the adage when the Airplane loses cabin pressure and the oxygen masks fall from the ceiling … put yours on first! Without oxygen, you can help the child next to you or the old woman in 34B behind you.

    In business, money (more importantly “cash flow”) is the oxygen you need for your own survival. After which, you can spread it around and help others breathe deep.

    Great post my friend.

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