It’s hard being a father, husband, missionary, affiliate manager, consultant,
and friend all at the same time…you know?

I’ve got John’s launch coming up (oh check out the NEW affiliate page), the
potential riots in the local township that affects our students directly, and
my wife due with our FIFTH KID!!! AHHHH

Talk about burning the candle at both ends…in TWO TIME ZONES!!

More like a Lion in Africa 😉

But recently I’ve caught wind of how all the things that I’m ‘being’ has led me
to treat people not as well as I should have.

First, my wife!! Thankfully when I’m out of line, she straightens me RIGHT up 🙂
But with all that’s been going on, she (even while pregnant) has been awesome
and has been patient with me. But I’ve let her down not being equally as awesome
so Aubree…I’m sorry.

Second, my kids…daddy should be playing more legos, reading more books, and
playing tea party… sorry guys! Once it’s warm here I’ll make sure we have daily
swimming contests, walks on the beach, and plenty of business lessons…I’ll tighten
up my daddy game ASAP!

Third, clients/affiliate partners/business friends. Guys…I’m sorry. When I’ve
been short, delivered messages poorly at times, or missed calls …

That’s 100% on me and I’m sorry.

I’ve tried to be very straightforward in communicating business arrangements.
Especially, should any of my communications seem to have been misleading,
I NEED to know immediately. Clarification is golden.

My intention is to have awesome, meaningful, profitable and collegial relationships
with as many people as I can and if I’ve committed one of the above mistakes
(or something else) please let me know so I can make amends.

Just like with my family, I need to know when I’m screwing up 🙂


Ok…one final thing

Do me a favor…if I’ve annoyed you, please let me know so we can make amends
move forward, and do some big business together!

If  you’ve got a deal you want to work…BRING IT ON!

Thanks so much for your help!


P.S. I’m serious about calling me out on how I can improve…let’s talk about it
and how we can be MUTUALLY successful!