August 4

Big Shift in Financial Marketing (how you can shift too)


RIGHT NOW…there’s a big shift in financial marketing and I want to
show you how you CAN shift too!

The shift has to do with customers…

We know it’s not the roaring 2000’s and that for the most part
sales are MUCH harder to get.


Are your products WORSE?


You guessed it…customers are smarter. Smarter because they’ve
been burned too many times by the hyped up service, hurt by the
lack of customer support, and knowledgable about HOW YOU

You with me at this point? Agree…or disagree? (Comment then :))


The solution is three fold. TWO of the ‘folds’ you already HAVE
(more then likely) but the third…you probably DO NOT!!

ONE: Are you producing high quality content?

Good…you’re one third the way there.

Right now content is KING to potential customers. Why…because
it’s the only TRUE way to connect with you. There’s so much inbox
‘teaser content’ that customer see through it.

What I’ve found in my data analysis is that the customer that leave the
squeeze are finding THE BLOG!


They’re leaving squeeze pages, and searching out the REAL content.
Remember customers are getting smarter…they probably know your
marketing ‘plan’ already as most people have already been churned
through one…or seven 🙂

TWO: Do you have affiliate or JV partners?

More then likely if you’re reading this, you have affiliate partners who
promote your offers during a launch, or in the midst of an evergreen

If you DO NOT have affiliate partners who are promoting your offers…


You need an affiliate program in order to shift with the industry.
Affiliates are the KEY to the shift…without them you will NOT experience
the long term growth and consistency in your sales that you hope for…
period end of story.


Honestly this is the easiest part…here’s why:

1. Affiliates WANT your content!
They’re promoting your offers for a reason…you’re good :). And that
includes your content. And most of your affiliates want to keep their sites
fresh with quality content, including their own, but they know it’s a LOT
of work to publish a lot of content…so why not use YOUR content??

2. Affiliates want to MAKE MONEY!
Affiliates are smart…if they can make money by driving traffic to your
site, EVEN THROUGH CONTENT, they’re going to choose that option
vs NOT getting paid for sharing content…right? I mean that just makes

Simple right?

But there’s a REAL problem…

Delivery and tracking.

Affiliates want your content, but do you REALLY want to email them
everyday with a new article…no…because they’ll eventually stop reading
your emails. I know because I’ve SEEN IT FIRST HAND.

So give them your content via your RSS FEED!!

But then the TRACKING becomes an issue…how can your affiliate get
credit for sharing your content without some sort of tracking
implementation that’s easy, consistent, and transparent?

Here’s How:

This simple service solves 2 huge problems for you, while
helping you pivot towards the direction of your customers!

It takes your content via an RSS feed, and ‘codes it’ for affiliate
use for auto-posting/sharing on your affiliates site…BOOM!

Content shared quickly, affiliate credit intact, and you’re moving
with the shift of the industry…CONGRATS!

What do you do next??

Talk to me!

Do you want to know more about,
affiliate marketing, or CONTENT marketing? Just ask 🙂

Skype: brad.stafford928

Also, I’m putting this out there as I want/need YOU to comment
and give me your feedback on the ‘shift’, affiliate marketing in general,
if you’ve seen more blog/content traffic on your site,  if you’ve seen a
drop in sales, or if you have thoughts on

All my best,

P.S.I’m a ‘homer’ for…because I have a stake
in the company…THAT’S how much I believe in this.

P.P.S. All comments approved!!

P.P.P.S. Except comments from Nigeria 😉


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Here’s what my network is saying…

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
  • Brad, I’m looking forward to our meeting to learn more about Affiliate Content Magic this week. I agree, content is KING and the KEY to connecting through content is not only producing quality content, but its also through consistency.

    We all know it’s time consuming to produce new content all the time, so if you can take on what Frank Kern like’s to call the “newscaster method” and bring great content to your audience without having to always be the one to produce it… it’s a win win!

  • Appreciate this insight. I’m a little surprised, though, that someone involved in the finance niche would claim “content is king.” What’s king is leverage. The kingdom? Google, whose wide open AdWords space and YouTube domain require content principally be quality, but not necessarily king.

    Any insights into the performance of offers from vendors with convincing demo materials and/or free trials versus vendors solely relying on testimonials? How about sub-niche comparisons, like penny stocks versus gold versus forex? Anything to note per products targeting yield-hungry retirees? Any lead gen sites with good Google quality scores worth noting?

    Sorry for the late comment. Been busy giving the cat you kick some love?

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