November 19



I’ll admit it…I’m lazy.

No, not really. But I get questions DAILY, and I wanted to reach out to you and give
you the chance to…


No question too simple, no question too complex!  It can be about anything from past
experiences, future plans, email advice, etc etc. It can be a question about your site!

Heck consider this a FREE CONSULTATION…or a PICK MY BRAIN session!

Whatever is on your mind this is an open invitation to ask.

I’m going to be answering, but I will also open this up to YOU to answer questions!
I’ve got some pretty powerful and knowledgeable friends that can help you with any
questions, concerns, comments, or just venting!


All my best,


questions for brad

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Here’s what my network is saying…

Here’s what my network is saying…

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
  • Hey Brad, was is opinion about Adsense expenditure percentages for your sites. When I was in “brick and mortar” businesses 3% was about the average for a total ad campaign. It seems much higher for online businesses that focus on Adsense for their traffic.

    What say you!

    • Honestly it depends on revenue, click to conversion, and all other revenue streams. Some companies spend as much as 50% with some as little as 10%. Just depends on how much you’re bringing in and/or earning. Plus you have to factor in length of consistent revenue. But if it’s ALL you’re doing for focused traffic you’ll want to aim more toward the high side in order to maximize the ‘honey hole’ of where you’re getting revenue from.

      How’d I do Ray??

  • Brad,

    This is too good to be true! I need for you to do a complete analysis of my site and all of my procedures and give me a complete report about how I could improve along with action steps to take. Ha just kidding. I would like that but I know you are a busy man. So anyways I do have a question. I have been focusing on building a quality list. What is the best way I could increase my mailing list with quality leads in a quick way?



    • Casey, Runar is spot on. No matter how big your list is, if you don’t have a quality relationship with them it’s all for not.

      Now, growth itself the quality way would utilize your blog as well as other affiliate partners to help build that relationship and trust!

  • Ask anything? Okay. Our website is going off the deep end in disgust over recent programs on MSNBC’s financial network touting the likes of the “new GM” and “Donald Trump Enterprises.” These are often portrayed as role models, American icons, or examples of financial “success.” They also do a lot of advertising on MSNBC.

    When a person or company declares bankruptcy, including GM and Trump, they leave hundreds, if not thousands of investors penniless holding the proverbial empty bag. Then these companies or people emerge from bankruptcy as billionaires with no legal obligation to repay the people they destroyed. American bankruptcy laws have a place to replace debtors prisons, but it seems odd that the morally and ethically bankrupt entities emerge among the richest people in America. So why do people flock to buy the “new GM stock” or invest in “Trump Enterprises”, his real estate, and the like? Wouldn’t they anticipate getting twice burned?

    There’s such a thing as socially-responsible investing, and there’s such a thing as financially astute investing, but wouldn’t investing in entities such as those above violate both types of investing? The President says, they “create jobs for Americans,” but isn’t the money gained from the “New GM’s” IPO eventually just being redirected to repay government debt? Do investors think their money is really going into producing assets rather than management’s pockets?

    • CZ that’s a GREAT QUESTION!! I personally agree with you on all above points. GM and Trump are getting 2nd chances that MANY Americans will never get. That’s not fair I get it.

      For me I’d never invest in them for both of your mentioned reasons (financially and socially). There’s too high a risk of it happening again, AND the bitter taste they left in the mouths of millions of American’s just doesn’t ‘go away’.

      But you have to understand there are two types of traders…those that care about what they buy and sell, and those that just want to make money. Some people ONLY trade the stocks that have a bad background, or shady dealings. See Tim Sykes, John Welsh, etc etc, who mostly trade pump and dump pennystock scams. They’re just in it for the money and that’s OK!!

      With GM it’s a big shell game.

      What say the rest of my readers???

  • Casey; define quick 😉

    Some have lists in the hundreds of thousands, but low open and click through rates..
    Others have 10 000, 5000, 1000 — or even less — but they have super responsive rates and perform just as good, or better than (some of) the people with the huge lists..

    The money is NOT in the list itself.

    It is in our relationships with our lists! I know you know that though 🙂

    But my point is… the best way in my book to build a quality list fast… is to build it slowly, through word of mouth, referrals, affiliates and consistent quality content.

    And when you give away something, like a ebook, encourage interaction with the persons to improve relationships, host webinars and in some of those webinars, take a small charge like $7 to attend it.

    There has been done tests on that recently..
    While the sign-ups on the (same) webinar was a lot less when it cost $7, the SHOW UPS was the about the same — but those who showed up were pre-qualified and the sales from that webinar skyrocketed in comparison..

    • Runar, again your genius comes through!! Faster isn’t always better when building a list. My list on my site has grown pretty organically to over 1300 just by others sharing my content, asking me questions, and telling their friends in the IM community. I’m not always right, but I try to treat all 1300 people as if I only had 1 person on the list.

  • Runar:

    Thanks for the comments, What you told me is exactly what I am doing, it has worked amazingly well like you mentioned. I was just wondering if there was some other tips that I was missing. I am growing slowly and I am pleased with my progresss.

    Thanks so much for the comments it means alot to me 🙂


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