It’s really the question on EVERYONE’S mind…

And what’s funny is almost everyone I’ve talked to
has blamed it on the economy…

Partially true…but the recent success of the OptionsMD
launch (1.1 million in sales) shows that people
ARE BUYING! With my other clients, we’re seeing
the same thing… Traders ARE buying again!


They’re NOT buying the same old stuff, and they’re not
buying because of the same old marketing approach!

The difference is the work that needs to go INTO
each lead in order to convert them…and the product
ITSELF. It’s not exactly rocket science but it’s something
you need to evaluate on a deeper level.

I’ll dive a lot deeper into that in a later article.

What you CAN do (RIGHT NOW) is evaluate your product
and approach and ask yourself “is this REALLY what people want?”


P.S. What do you think? What are you seeing on your site?

P.P.S. More details to come in a later post 🙂