October 3

Are Traders Buying Again?


It’s really the question on EVERYONE’S mind…

And what’s funny is almost everyone I’ve talked to
has blamed it on the economy…

Partially true…but the recent success of the OptionsMD
launch (1.1 million in sales) shows that people
ARE BUYING! With my other clients, we’re seeing
the same thing… Traders ARE buying again!


They’re NOT buying the same old stuff, and they’re not
buying because of the same old marketing approach!

The difference is the work that needs to go INTO
each lead in order to convert them…and the product
ITSELF. It’s not exactly rocket science but it’s something
you need to evaluate on a deeper level.

I’ll dive a lot deeper into that in a later article.

What you CAN do (RIGHT NOW) is evaluate your product
and approach and ask yourself “is this REALLY what people want?”


P.S. What do you think? What are you seeing on your site?

P.P.S. More details to come in a later post 🙂


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Here’s what my network is saying…

Here’s what my network is saying…

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!

2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
  • That’s the exact kind of things we’re doing, and it’s working. If you listen to current clients they’ll tell you, either directly, or with their dollars what they want more of.

    • You hit the nail on the head with the statement “if you LISTEN to current clients…”. LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCE PEOPLE!! Thanks Mat

  • You’re absolutely correct.

    People are still buying! The key is understanding that people are being more intelligent with their choices … they are more educated than ever before about your competition and they’re insisting on getting real value with their purchases.

    With gratitude,

  • I’m buying in some markets and selling in others, and except for the increased noise and volatility, it’s been business as usual, the same it’s been since 1978.

  • Right, Brad. The product itself is key, since many traders are wisely being cautious about their trading education dollars. Slickly marketed but poor quality products continue to just produce refunds (like astonishingly high 20%+ refund rates, means the product is bs, created by phonies who aren’t genuine experts), unhappy traders and lower sales.

    If marketers would spend half as much time on their product quality (meaning, does it actually Work, for helping traders become more successful), instead of every nuance of product launches, the overall results for industry would be better. My business is up double-digit percentage sales in 2012, as I carefully educate thousands of traders to be cautious about whom they trust. That’s good for high quality trading educators, not so good for the marketeers w/crap products. Cream rises, crap falls. Create genuinely high quality products, for everyone’s sake. Not just well-marketed ones.

  • Thanks Brad, good stuff.

    I run a day trading chat room (Greatstockpix.com) and business is good. Word of mouth has always been great for us and Google pay per click has been a drain…certainly not worth the returns. I’m looking to divert the Google funds into something better. What is it that you offer?

    Best Regards,

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