October 3

Answer To My #1 Most Asked Question


I get this question ALL THE TIME!

“Brad, how’d you grow Todd and John’s affiliate program so big so quickly?”

Easy…I’m awesome, super hard-working, and just an overall genius.

No…not really 🙂

Here are the real secrets and how YOU can replicate them…

The first secret: behind-the-scenes testing

What you probably don’t know is that John and Todd are buying leads, testing funnels, reviewing email stats, and overall crunching data behind what’s working and what’s not.

It’s not an easy job.

It really requires someone to focus on it full-time, but in the end…million-dollar launches and million-dollar businesses.

Depending on your products, company size, and price points you should consider that this is probably the most important part of your business… So ask yourself if the person to focus on testing is YOU…or someone else.

If you do consider someone else, please consider that this person/company needs to know the industry, know your business, and know your goals. It’s about more than what ‘the big internet marketing guys’ are doing…because we’re in a different industry. Those generic rules of ‘internet marketing’ do NOT apply.

So get to work…well, wait, keep reading the secrets 🙂

The second secret: high conversions

You want affiliates to help you grow your business into a multi-million dollar operation??…HAVE HIGH CONVERSIONS!

How do you have high conversion? Read secret one 🙂

What’s an easier way to convince someone to get behind you and your products then to pay them GREAT MONEY? Affiliates want to make money, and affiliate marketing isn’t always about guarantees because it’s affiliate marketing :).

But what if you can tell affiliates, with CONFIDENCE, that you are spending your own money and time to give them the BEST chance to make money? How easy is that?

It makes my job SUPER easy because I know that my clients are putting in the effort to put affiliates FIRST. So put you affiliates first…work on getting your conversions UP.

Oh yeah…you don’t EVER STOP working on them either. You get lazy, you get lapped.

The third secret: WHO you know

OK, so ultimately, this is a tough one. If you want to work with the top people in the affiliate space, you’ve gotta know them or have a contact to them.

First, if you know them, then it should be an easy sell once you show them the high conversions you have.

“Hey we’ve tested this funnel on XYZ traffic and we’re getting XYZ bucks per lead which would project out to XYZ for you if you promoted…what does your schedule look like for a promo?”

It’s not even worth asking them to promote unless you’ve tested it and you KNOW it’s going to convert at a range that puts money in their pockets…at a good level.

Now if you don’t know the top people…you’d better find someone that does and you’d better have your ducks in a row before reaching out.

The fourth secret: positive attitude regardless of situation.

Some might read that as me being ‘blissfully unaware’ of what’s going on around me. “Brad how can you be positive when XYZ bad is happing in the world, or XYZ is failing during a launch?”

Look at things happening with your affiliate programs and launches with the quote from my lovely wife…

“In the grand scheme of life…is hitting a million REALLY that important?”

Kinda…but not really. I know that I can only control so many things in this world. I’ll try my hardest and pursue excellence but when push comes to shove there’s only so much I can do. I believe the rest is in God’s hands.

He’s gotten me this far. Sure there have been hurdles, failures, heartbreak, pain, discomfort, annoyance, anger, and a litany of other challenges along the way…but I’m here…and I’m stronger because of those challenges…He’s pulled me through.

So how can I NOT be positive?!?!?!

And if I’m positive, but realistic, it comes across to affiliates and the management of any potential situation…from a super successful launch, to a failure of one.

What of the above ‘secrets’ are you putting into practice? Where do you need help? Where are your holes?

Let’s talk in the comments…or contact me directly: brad@bradstafford.com


P.S. Secret Five…always have a P.S. 🙂 People LOVE a good P.S.


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Here’s what my network is saying…

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2021 Check-in: Alive and Ready to Rock!
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