Affiliates…finally mainstream??

Written by Brad

August 7, 2012

Just wanted to write a quick post and let you
know about a couple of ‘off the record’ conversations
I’ve had over the past few weeks with some heavy hitters…

I’m pretty well connected, and VERY blessed to know
the people I know. They trust me and I trust them.

So over the past 3 weeks or so I’ve talked to high-ups
from a publicly traded  company, 2 major publishing
companies, and a large education firm.

These are companies that have ONLY done ‘old school’
(print/ad buys) marketing. After talking to them at different
times they were all saying the same thing…

“Our ad buys aren’t working…why does affiliate marketing work?”

I should have charged them by the HOUR, but I spent time
giving them the in’s and out’s, and told them…READ MY SITE!

But the big take away is that companies are realizing that YOU
(affiliate marketing experts) are sometimes a better asset then
traditional advertising.

So keep your eyes open for new programs,  demand they treat
you like a highly prized asset and WORK WITH ONLY THE BEST!


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