November 8

4 Things “TO DO” during the holidays


Most other articles about this topic will point you towards
what NOT to do…that’s not me. That’s not my style.

Let’s keep it positive and ACTIONABLE!

First, keep the quality of your marketing up. During the
holidays people tend to sound desperate in their sales
pitches. They’ll force a reason to give a last ditch effort
to try to rake in sales. Preach quality to your audience!

Once you go desperate…it’s hard to go back J

Second, keep prices steady. Often the thought is to
discount the product for a ‘one time only deal’. It
works…in the short term. But what you’ve now done
is give people a reason to wait for a discount instead
of buying the product because it’s GOOD!

Prices stay where they are.

Third, be very, very careful about offering deals. The
BEST, and really, only way in my opinion, is to do something
exclusive and fresh. Spin off a part of a bigger product that
you can sell for less but only take X number of customers.

to come from a real place or customers will balk at it and
long term they might not come back.

Fourth, plan for 2013! I mean the season is slow so why
not sit down with your team, or by yourself, and set up
a calendar for next year. Give yourself plenty of time to
plan for a new event. Give yourself the ability to brain-
storm about the direction of the company…


“WHY do I do all this” you ask…

Because if you do all the above you’ll keep your reputation
HIGH. Instead of having to build up that high-quality, high-price
aura…keep it there!

Bolster inherent value of what you’re offering.

Value LONG term success and reputation over a quick cash
grab in the short term.

What else do YOU see that you should be doing over the
Holiday season?


P.S. Are you following along with the Emini Success Formula
launch I’m managing right now? Thoughts/insights/are you IN??


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