Admittedly I’ve been lax in my blog
posts and updates.

For that, I’m sorry.

I would say that I’ve been ‘busy’
but I truly hate that word and don’t
regard it as any sort of badge of
honor. Read: Lazy: A Manifesto

I’ve been focused over the last
(19 months…wow sorry!) on my
faith in God who continues to provide,
on my awesome family, and various
business projects.

God has kept us here for now, and
with summer on the horizon, we’ll
it out for a few more months.

Currently in South Africa, and it’s
 VERY eye opening a place to be
Covid. Townships projected to
suffer mass causalities that never came,
the government 
stole (yes stole) 26 billion
dollars worth
 of Covid funds

and resilient South Africans
the worst the government and
 media could
throw at them.

South Africans are truly a special people!

Blessed to also watch the USA and the

world from afar…given us lots to chat
about with kids as they grow.

Oh yeah, speaking of kids…we’ve got 7
now and I THINK I can safely say that

we’re done.

Could brag on the wife and her kids for ages…maybe I’ll let her ghostwrite my book! is still niche focused

helping clients achieve 7X results on
ad spends with some clever internal
along with good old fashioned intuition.

(Want to know what’s been working
 them, and what could work for you?

Just ask: I’m happy to help
level up good people!)

It’s fun to see clients grow, even if they

don’t always take our advice, and it’ll be

fun to see what the next few months will bring!

It seems the industry is in a very unique spot.

FTC coming for many of the well known 
as well as surprise scammers.

Stock markets at crazy (and unbelievable)
highs while inflation increases the prices
of literally everything.

Subscriptions and sales lagging a bit.

And when the other shoe is going to drop
and give us marketers something to
sink our teeth into!

Now is the time to get creative ASAP!

Consider a business 
model pivot?

Or at least a recalibration of
ad spending plan based on what I’m seeing?

Maybe a new lead gen product?

Fresh spin on current product lineup?

And most important the 
cost of traffic.

The ad costs for quality trade has been
that’s not gone unscathed by 
inflation as well.

So keep that in mind as you consider 
your future.

Speaking of the future…what’s your plan?

How are you going to navigate the
 new FTC world?

How are you going to innovate some
 new lead
generation products?

How are you going to better manage 
and track
your ad costs?

How are you going to GROW? 

Let’s make a plan.


P.S. I’ll try to write more often…but
if I get a good project and 7X results
for a client…I may be dark for a while,
but it’s first come first serve basis 😉