December 20

2012 Christmas ‘Reflective’


Almost 2 feet of snow had already fallen
with more expected, our power went
out, our son was 2 and snuggled in our
bed, and the baby that had been growing
in my wife’s belly was telling us she wanted

That was 3 years ago tomorrow and every
day with Eliza has been a blessing. Although
each day’s blessings haven’t always been
as clear as a safe delivery in a HOSPITAL,
and not in our hippie neighbors bathtub (long
story, but a funny one).

2012 has been full of blessings for me both
personally and professionally. Here are a few
highlights 😉

– Health! I’ve struggled with back issues for 7+
years and I can say that I’ve been pain free for
a FULL YEAR! No secret tricks other than being
blessed and lots of sit-ups 😉

– Client Success! Success is often measured in
money…it’s probably the easiest and mine have
had a lot of that…but I view it as more. I’ve been
able to share and truly get to know the people I’m
working with and work to make a positive impact
on their lives. I believe they would agree.

– Family Growth and Stability! Team Stafford
added another member in February with the
birth of Abram. He’s simply amazing and I
can’t wait to watch him grow and become the
man I know God has him planned to be. Stability
comes in the purchase of our home on my
wife’s family farm. We’ve got a place that our
roots firmly planted and our family can grow.

– Wife! She put up with me quitting a great job
to go at it on my own, me working from home,
and not always being the most appreciative husband.
She’s truly a blessing that I thank God for DAILY!

– Challenges! There have been quite a few over this
past year and I feel blessed to have had to deal with
them! I look at each as a learning experience.

This time of year we’re all so blessed and I hope you
can share as well in the comments.

Merry Christmas and MANY Blessings!


P.S. Is reflective a word?? I feel like


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  • I feel you on this, Brad. Reflecting on one’s blessings and experiencing gratitude can really put things in perspective. In life, you are either moving forward or backwards and recognizing what a wonderful support system you have in place can keep you marching into the headwinds when things get tough. But, you have to count your blessings first.

    Congrats on the baby and Merry Christmas!

  • Nice post, Brad! And I’m sure I can speak on behalf of your readers, clients, family and friends – we’re grateful for you!

    …and looking forward to another kick ass year!

    With gratitude,

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