Almost 2 feet of snow had already fallen
with more expected, our power went
out, our son was 2 and snuggled in our
bed, and the baby that had been growing
in my wife’s belly was telling us she wanted

That was 3 years ago tomorrow and every
day with Eliza has been a blessing. Although
each day’s blessings haven’t always been
as clear as a safe delivery in a HOSPITAL,
and not in our hippie neighbors bathtub (long
story, but a funny one).

2012 has been full of blessings for me both
personally and professionally. Here are a few
highlights 😉

– Health! I’ve struggled with back issues for 7+
years and I can say that I’ve been pain free for
a FULL YEAR! No secret tricks other than being
blessed and lots of sit-ups 😉

– Client Success! Success is often measured in
money…it’s probably the easiest and mine have
had a lot of that…but I view it as more. I’ve been
able to share and truly get to know the people I’m
working with and work to make a positive impact
on their lives. I believe they would agree.

– Family Growth and Stability! Team Stafford
added another member in February with the
birth of Abram. He’s simply amazing and I
can’t wait to watch him grow and become the
man I know God has him planned to be. Stability
comes in the purchase of our home on my
wife’s family farm. We’ve got a place that our
roots firmly planted and our family can grow.

– Wife! She put up with me quitting a great job
to go at it on my own, me working from home,
and not always being the most appreciative husband.
She’s truly a blessing that I thank God for DAILY!

– Challenges! There have been quite a few over this
past year and I feel blessed to have had to deal with
them! I look at each as a learning experience.

This time of year we’re all so blessed and I hope you
can share as well in the comments.

Merry Christmas and MANY Blessings!


P.S. Is reflective a word?? I feel like