December 30

2011 Reflections…2012 Projections…


The end of year is literally around the corner so I figured I’d actually do
some work here on the blog and reflect on 2011, and project wildly into
the future that is 2012…

So here we go!

Looking back 2011 was awesome both, personally and professionally!

I’ve been blessed to work with amazing clients, develop some high converting
sales processes, write some high open/click thru copy, and just get to know
so many awesome people. My business has flourished and I am truly thankful,
feel very blessed, and I am very grateful for YOU!

My business contacts, many of whom I consider friends, have allowed me to
take my clients to the next level in their business WHILE helping my contacts
create new relationships…oh and make some money along the way 😉

Personally it’s been fun!

My wife, two children and I moved to Wincheste,r Virginia just to try something
new. If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s at the top of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley…I highly recommend visiting if you ever get the chance. We had an awesome time, really enjoyed the area…but family had a
higher value to us so we moved back to Davidsonville Maryland, and will
be welcoming a 5th member to Team Stafford in 2012…and more hands on
deck should make it easier on mom and dad 😉

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Now that the sappy stuff is out of the way…WHAT’S HAPPENING IN 2012!?!?

Honestly… more active traders, big sales figures, and a GREAT 2012 for you!

First, why…

It’s simple: Expectations that 2012 will bring big political changes.

I’m not going to talk politics here (because I’d crush you) but more from
a psychological standpoint of the average investor/trader. They see that
a new group coming in will bring new things to the table, change old things,
and overall improve the economy…

Will that ACTUALLY happen…we can only pray!

But people WANT to trade. They WANT to believe they can make great money
trading, and with a big shift coming in 2012 those things might happen.

Here’s the kicker though: THEY WILL BE MORE CYNICAL!!

They’re going to need to trust people a lot more then before. They’ll want
to read articles, watch videos, and connect in a deeper way. They’ve been
burned, and have refunded so many times that this is the year they revolt!

What do you do!?!?!

Be a trustworthy resource that delivers quality content, great products,
and over-the-top customer service. You’ll have to woo them–not
with flashy huge % return promises or account statements–but through
being the quality person/company that GOT YOU TO WHERE YOU ARE!

Be the person that stays true to yourself and your AUDIENCE WILL FOLLOW!

Anything I can do with and for you in 2012, just ask. Copywriting, networking
help, sales planning, email marketing, etc etc…just ask!

All my best,

P.S. What do YOU think 2012 will bring?


2011 recap, 2012 projections, Copywriting, email marketing, Financial marketing, Relationships, Thank you!

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  • Brad,

    I wish I could be in agreement with your idea that more traders will be entering the markets this year and I hope you are right but I actually believe we will see traders leave the markets in droves making it a difficult year for those of us that
    are training traders. The crashing markets are going to put great fear in the retail and institutional traders alike. The fear is going to cause people to run from the markets not run too the markets.

    With that being said, those of us that understand the game will be able to generate great profits from the crazy markets. So here is my analysis.

    Crashing Markets can create great wealth for traders:

    IF we can capitalize than we can in turn train and teach others that are willing to follow.

    IF we are just marketers and not also traders than I believe you could be in trouble this year because the
    only people that are going to tackle this market are Out of the Box thinkers that can take advantage of
    a situation when it appears.

    You are right about people being cynical and they have every right, have you watched some of these marketing videos?
    90% junk and crap is available and that means people have to filter through that to find the good stuff.

    With that being said Brad you are right, Those who are transparent, honest and with integrity will do well because they will rise above the crap that is available and people will see that.

    Wishing you a great 2012 and if you need anything this year, let me know!


    • Casey, interesting take on the training…but I think it’ll be the opposite as people will want to get back into it, and will NEED quality people (like YOU) they can trust to teach them. Might have to offer specials or packages to make it more enticing…but overall I think people will be back!

      Also do you think the fear of the crashing markets will override new hope that a new political regime might bring??

  • Brad –

    couldn’t agree more, especially with what Casey amplified above.

    If 2012 turns out to be an extraordinarily volatile year (which it probably won’t because everyone’s looking for it), then it’s true that the pros will capitalize on it because they understand the sentiments and the games. But few of their customers will be able to replicate their success.

    “Yeah, I wanted to take that trade, but I was scared/anxious/didn’t feel right.”

    If anyone is in the trading education business and is just focusing on METHODOLOGY alone, they will find it to be a difficult year to help their customer base. During these times, it’s incumbent upon an educator to help teach their students how to THINK and not just how to trade.

    2012 will be the year that we should look people in the eye, tell them that this pursuit is not easy but can be done, and then underpromise and overdeliver. I think honesty is the true differentiator today.

    Thanks again for the interesting post…..


  • Brad,

    Nice article as always.

    It’s a double edged sword. Something that I realized last year is there is a large population of people that will buy everything and learn nothing. That may sound harsh, and we may be able to point the finger at marketers a bit as well.

    I engage and talk with people everyday and the #1 complaint/rebuttal is they have been “burned” in the past. But at the same time they reacted emotionally and bought the “hype”. They purchased the “too good to be true” product, and probably knew better to begin with.

    And on the other hand, people want to naturally take shortcuts. Bottom line is: TRADING IS HARD!

    Do people want to hear that trading is hard? I don’t know. Probably not. But that’s the route I take, because that is the truth.

    I have no idea or opinion if more traders will be entering or leaving the market this year. I do feel that people have been very afraid to spend money these past few years, and we may now slowly make the turn away from this.

    What I do know is people are and will be more and more cynical. There is no way around this. The trading industry is not like many others. Not many other business’s have people claim to be experts/gurus, claim to have the best system/method in the world, and do not actually trade. This will probably piss a lot of people off in the industry, thats fine. I can live with that.

    You guys are right. The transparent, honest, trustworthy vendor is the one who will get paid. Your average consumer can see another product launch coming a mile away at this point. They can probably outline the launch better than we can.

    Be honest, care, sell quality stuff and you will get paid. For everyone else trying to come up with the “sexy” shiny object to sell every 3 months, it may be time to rethink things. #justsayin


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