March 18

2008 million dollar feeling again…let me write for you!


This offer available for discussion to first 3 people who say YES! (sent to over 3,000 others)
I’ve got a writing itch that feels like 2008 all over again and I want to write!

If I look back at 2008, that is when things REALLY took off for me and the companies I worked with. Fear was everywhere, panic, and crazy ideas.

But if managed CORRECTLY the disasters of today could mean massive GROWTH for tomorrow!

I truly saw that play out in 2008 and I’m getting the same feeling now.

To you I ask this…Can I write for you?

Here are the strings:

– You have a product you’re buying media for (or CAN buy media for)

– You need/want new creatives to match market tone, and get people taking action.

– You want a 100% commission based writer.

That’s IT!

Contact me today if you qualify as I’ve got a few million in copy that I’m ready to write!

Talk soon,


P.S. Even if you don’t qualify, let me know how you’re doing. Staying positive and looking for bright spots!

P.P.S. Sorry but I do reserve the right to say no to a project. Burned too many times to not say no when I get the feeling. But chances are, if you’re reading THIS far…I might not say no!


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