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Marketing Funnel Consultation & Implementation

Leads are in, but they’re not buying! It’s your funnel, and I can fix it. Whatever your offer, I can sell it. Funnels are part art, part science and I’ve been able to master BOTH. Let me give you a free funnel analysis and a chance to improve it! Just contact me today.


“Copy is King”…that’s the Agora (billion dollar business) model, and I agree. If your copy isn’t on point, kiss conversions goodbye. I’ve been writing professionally for 11 years for squeeze pages, sales pages, webinars, and everything in between. Copy is the money maker…let me write for YOU!

Lead Generation Consulting

How are you going to bring the people IN!? I can help guide you towards the BEST offer based on your existing assets, and can help you reposition your current offer to EXPLODE sign-ups. Because without leads your business will die…don’t let that happen! Contact me today!

Media Buys

Scaling through paid media is KEY to growth. But the how, when, where, and WHO are crucial. And they need to work in tandum with the sales team, the internal marketing team, AND the accounting team...yes budgets can get big.

Let me help you avoid the money pits and maximize your ad spends, it's what I've been doing for clients for 15 years!

Sales and Lead Page Design Concepts

A change as simple as background color can be the difference between a 1% and 1.5% conversion. That might not seem like much, but if you’re sending 3k people a DAY to that page it’s MASSIVE! Let me help you build and design the page that’s going to convert the BEST for you.

I’m always working on at LEAST a dozen highly trafficked squeeze and sales pages at one time…so my access to real time data of what’s working NOW, can benefit you!


If you don't know which email from which funnel at what TIME in a persons journey, then how can you optimize for growth into your best performing ad channel??

Let me make the above, not confusing for you. I know how to analyze, track, and optimize while working with clients and other contractors.

“To whom it may concern: Do NOT use Brad Stafford as your Affiliate Manager… unless you want to break all of your previous traffic records for your marketing efforts! The difference in using Brad for identical launches about one year apart…”

Doc Severson


“Unfortunately, there are many scam artists in our industry. Often it’s not easy to find reliable partners whom you can trust. Being burned in the past, I reached out to Brad and asked him to help me find professional partners for…”

Markus Heitkoetter

Founder and CEO of Rockwell Trading

“The mistake most marketing firms make is they focus on the sale rather than the value. The thing that I appreciate about working with Brad is his focus on the value and integrity of the product. Brad is extremely helpful, honest and a…”

Morgan Busby

Founder of

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Thanks for reading this far, it means you’re serious about generating more customers, increasing revenues, or just curious about me...Thanks!!

As a husband and father to 7 kids (seen to the left) I know how important it is to be purposeful with your time and resources.

And I launched many years ago to provide focused marketing services to help companies in the financial education niches grow. No matter their size, there are opportunities for company growth and improvement.

And I'm here to help you.

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